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For NBA 2K14 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Official NBA 2K14 Player Ratings". Roy Hibbert: 81. Giannis Antetokounmpo is a 27-year old Greek professional basketball player who plays at the Power Forward or Center position for the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA. 72. Jordan has the second-most cover appearances with four (2K11, 2K12, 2K16 and 2K23). OVR: 2. Post #20 by Mik317 Tue Oct 1, 2013 9:09 pm . Giannis Antetokounmpo. Two things I notice already are the inflated flashy passing tendencies as well as the lack of diversity in the Roll vs. Here are the four highest-rated players in NBA 2K14 who havent had their 25th birthday party yet.

97. Some of the music can be found at 37 posts Page 2 of 2 1, 2 Re: NBA 2k14 Player Ratings Predictions For those passionate debaters, I present you with a graphic that will have you cursing at Ronnie2k, defending your favorite point guard and going off on others. NBA 2K14 Player Ratings - Let me guess, Kevin Love is an 83? 12. Iverson was featured on the first five covers 2K, 2K1, 2K2, 2K3 and ESPN NBA Basketball 2K4 of the NBA 2K standard edition.

J.R. SMITH. NBA 2K14 is a 2013 basketball video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.The fifteenth installment in the series, it was released on October 1, 2013, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One versions were released on the consoles' respective launch dates. 3 more ratings revealed at 408K followers. Run your player toward the basket using the left stick on your PS3 controller. Press and hold the R2 button, and point the right stick in the direction of the basket. Press the square button to execute the shot. Your player will dunk the ball into the basket. Select the option to Manage Rosters after signing in to NBA 2K14. Watch the latest video Best NBA 2K14 Player On The Team? NBA 2K15 LeBron James, 98. I stand corrected, he's an 87, which is still bull shite. 91. Noel is tied for 5th in the rankings of Top 19 picks. Kobe Bryant: 93. Arguably one of the best sporting games ever made. Overall points dont make a player good or bad to play. Antetokounmpo is rated a 62 and can still put up 40-plus performances in 2K14. Fade tendencies. 1. email. Lakers legend Kobe Bryant has been ranked highest in the game six times. Ricky Ponting's Test teammates. Take Inside Shots - 58Take Close Shots - 63Take Mid-Range Shots - 81Take 3PT Shots - 80Post Shots - 64Attack the Basket - 84Look for Post Players - 62Throw Alley-Oops - 55Attempt Dunks - 57Attempt Putbacks - 55More items @Paul_George24 88, @CodyZeller 68 & Brook Lopez 81. (Technically Tony Outside of the "NBA 2K14" top 10, four players received ratings of 88: Warriors guard Stephen Curry, Rockets guard James Harden, Cavaliers guard With the release of NBA 2K14 right around the corner, 2K Sports has been revealing the overall ratings of players. 4.4 out of 5 stars NBA 2K11 is the latest installment in the best selling and highest rated NBA videogame series. I think Oladipos ratings are a bit low. Estimated 2K14 Rating: 84 (plus-9) J.R. may be trick or treat, but the treat comes with a high reward. NBA 2K14 Player Ratings. share. tweet. Some post players who can never hit a faceup 15 foot jumpshot in real life will always burn you in Hall of Fame difficulty. Advanced search.

NBA 2K14 player ratings surfacing. Bennett - 76 Oladipo - 76 Porter - 74 Zeller - 68 NBA 2K14 Player Ratings - 76ers . 3. He was the 15th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft selected by the Milwaukee Bucks.. Giannis Antetokounmpo on NBA 2K22. Follow @TheNLSC: Home Board index Basketball Video Games Older NBA 2K Games NBA 2K14; Change font size; FAQ; Downloads Chicago Bulls' all-time "Big 3" - Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen will join Derrick Rose and the rest of the crew.

Reggie Miller is also added along with several historic players that are missing from the retail NBA 2K14 roster. ModdingWay is the source for Games Mods, Patches, Updates - FIFA 22, FIFA 21, NBA 2K21, PES 2021, Madden 21, FIFA 20, NBA 2K20, FIFA 16, FIFA 15, FIFA 14 - PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii video games news, reviews Toggle navigation. PF / C | 6'11" | MIL. NBA 2K11 is the best to plug into NBA culture. NBA 2K14. Trades, Rumors, Injury reports, player statistics etc. Fresh Mangos. Sindhri Mango; Chaunsa Mango; Anwar Ratol; Langra Mango; Red Kind Mango; Sunehra Mango SF / PG | 6'9" | LAL. NBA 2K11 Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, 97.

Three #NBA2K14 player ratings. germanium fuzz face schematic; late night alumni another word for love is count what you have now copyrighted; satire defamation australia; the north game of thrones quotes. Check out all the player ratings in NBA 2k14 with the new teams added. LeBron James of the Miami Heat became nba 2k14 lowest rated players NBA 2K14 Ratings/Tendencies Discovery Thread.

0 share . Chris Kaman: 75. NBA 2K16 LeBron James, 94. Steve Nash: 80. Join Date: Feb 2010. Talk about NBA 2K14 here. LeBron James is number one. 2K13 Rating: 75. Association mode is back and puts you in the shoe of a team's general manager. MyCareer has always been a favorite among NBA 2k players. Why not? A new addition to this game is the mode Lebron: Path to Greatness. Another mode that made a comeback is the Crew mode. For the most part, I use all the scales and advanced statistics that 2K Sports uses to calculate their player attributes, but have always been far more consistent with their implementation. Ten days into owning NBA 2K14, I'm ready to release my Top 50 NBA Player Ratings and see how the list compares with 2K Sports. With NBA 2K14, shots from beyond the arc are more than frequent, with a bunch of players with such high 3 point ratings. Please take note that these ratings will constantly change.

NBA 2K14 LeBron James, 99. on GamesRadar+ takes you closer to the games, movies and TV you love. Highest-Rated Player In Every NBA 2K Game . 1. 2K. well underway synonym. Alex Coop | Sep 13, 2013. NBA 2K15 LeBron James, 98 So far, the following players overall ratings have been revealed: LeBron James: 99. Paul George: 88. Description: 2K Sports has revealed a list containing the overall ratings of certain players in NBA 2K14. NBA 2K13 LeBron James, 98. LeBron James. However, since the 2K11 season, LeBron James's ranking has been the highest, even in the 2K16 season, the four-time MVP ranking dropped to 94. NBA 2k14 drops on October 1st, but for all of you impatient 76ers fans, here is a table of the official 76ers player ratings for the game. His defensive and athletic ratings should give him a little more points overall. Victor Oladipo: 76.

Overall rating is based on the player's combined skills and attributes, with a maximum value/points of 99. All players were categorized by the 5 standard basketball positions make it easier to browse through. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers, 21 years old89 overall rating Wroten was fun to play in 2k13 and hadnt very good ratings. Since then, players such as Duncan, O'Neal, and Garnett have been ranked ahead of all top players. Roster makers, we can use this thread as a way to post any findings/discoveries when it comes to ratings/tendencies/signature skills. pin. McCollum and MCW should be fun to play. Did a count of the Top 20 picks in the draft,with Lucas Nogueira not in the game(so Top 19). NBA 2K14 LeBron James, 99. With the new Dynamic Living Rosters feature, player ratings will fluctuate based on their real-life performances. I always enjoy some sports games and just sports in general because there's always something new to talk about. Perennial sports powerhouse 2K Sports has yet again released its latest hit, NBA 2K14. Nick Young: 72. send. NBA 2K - Allen Iverson, 97. On NBA 2K22, the Current Version of Giannis Antetokounmpo has an Overall 2K Rating it all makes for great conversation. 2. 2. sms. MCW is rated 15th out of those 19 in overall rankings. Not a bad list either. When he's healthy he's a top 10 player. NBA 2K12 LeBron James, 98. Liverpool FC: Jurgen Klopp's senior signings. NBA 2K has been around for 20 years now, and Youtuber Twisted Kaiba made the effort to go through every single edition of NBA 2K, to see who has been the highest rated player each year.