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"Having said that, it is a really powerful and strong energy. During the month of March 2022, no planets will be retrograde in astrology. When the first Mercury retrograde of 2022 ends on February 3, and Mercury resumes forward motion, you can blast ahead and make up for lost time. Mercury is the planet that rules all communication and when it is in retrograde three times a year for three weeks, shit (can) hit the fan.

To check and see if you have a retrograde planet in your birth chart go to > free horoscope > extended chart selection to create your chart. Then, if you look at the table of planet placements you may see an r next to a planets position, letting you know it is retrograde. Here you can see I have Mars retrograde. This is a divisive retrograde, and the way you manage this one will often depend on your sign. Dive into the depths of your unconscious and read on for your Neptune retrograde 2022 horoscope. Every few months, the planet of communication, Mercury, begins to slow down. For us earthlings, it means is retrograde, it is moving slower than Earth around the sun. (Mercury usually moves 88 days around the sun versus the 365 days that Earth does.) However, there might be a few growing pains along the way. In this months closing fortnight of the year, Venus last retrograde moves into effect. So, when Saturn takes a backwards spin through the sky, you can expect to see the rule book tossed out the window. In 2022, all of the planets will have a retrograde phase, which doesnt happen every year. All digital ventures are favored now, from upgrading your software to buying a phone to launching your new and improved website. Jupiter is the planet associated with luck, good fortune, and expansion. So, coming into 2022, Venus is retrograde in Capricorn until January 29th. Venus ( ruler of Taurus and Libra). Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn from December 19 2021 -to January 29 2022. Venus turns retrograde every 18 months and Mars every two years. Now, whenever bad luck curses us, our first reaction is to blame this destructive planetary movement. However, we may find ourselves feeling extra impatient during the middle week of the retrograde, which is when backward-spinning Mercury aligns with zealous and impulsive planet Mars and forms a trine with expansive planet Jupiter. The Mercury retrogrades of 2022 are moving into the Earth signs, and we start to reflect, revise, and redo anything involving our goals, our direction, and our responsibilities with this retrograde. Venus Retrograde in 2022. With a retrograde period of 14 days from Feb. this year, Mercury was in retrograde. Venus leaves retrograde zone/shadow on March 1, 2022,at 26 Capricorn 29 [The last Venus retrograde before the above cycle occurred from May 13 to June 25, 2020; the next Venus retrograde after this one is from July 22 to September 3, 2023.] Current Retrograde Planets Upcoming Retrograde Planets.

The truth is the planet is not really moving backward, it just appears that way from the "Saturn is not an easy energy to work with," Noush admitted. If Your Zodiac Sign Is Aries (March 21 - April 19) Margaret Flatley/Bustle This kicked off major energy for transformations, and we've already begun to see how we need to transform, what we need to face, and what we've been running from. When Venus goes R by transit, for approximately 41 days, it is not a good time for investment, international relations, starting a new job or your relationship life! Jupiter Retrograde 2022 Dates. Although Venus has been direct since late January and Mercury since early February, weve still been in a period of integration for the past few weeks. This began December 19th 2021, and it started with Venus conjunct (aligned with) Pluto. There are also a week from June 18 to July 12 and a week from March to March 10. The shadow period is until 2 march 2022. Ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is the planet of hard work, responsibility and discipline. W've all heard of Mercury retrograde and the chaos it can bring, but it's not the only planet that does this. Tarot reader to the stars: "this isn't like a fringe subject anymore" Astrologer Margaret Gray explained that every planet goes retrograde. Currently, a total of 4 planets are retrograde Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. So, expect the unexpected in all of the areas that these four planets rule. What does it really mean when we say that a planet is in retrograde? The term refers to an apparent change in the movement of the planet through the sky. Mercury retrograde is the astrological explanation for everything that is going bad in your life right now. Mercury's current Direct motion is lasting for 98 days 19 hours started on 3 June 2022 13:30 in Taurus and will turn Retrograde on 10 September 2022 9:8 in Virgo. Mercury Retrograde: The Dates And Effects Of The 4 Cycles In 2022 Youve no doubt already heard about Mercury retrograde and the effects of this scary phenomenon. But in 2022, theyll both make U-turns and backtrack through the zodiac. Astrologer Roya Backlund describes how you can take advantage of this energy. There will actually be two planetary retrogrades in May: Pluto retrograde, which began on April 29, and the infamous Mercury retrograde, which isnt Venus's current Direct motion is lasting for 539 days 16 hours started on 29 January 2022 14:17 in Sagittarius and will turn Retrograde on 23 July 2023 7:3 in The most significant thing happening in the cosmos in March 2022 is that all of our planets are now direct and free of their retrograde shadow periods. Saturn retrograde 2022 is on the horizon, and it wants you to live your best, most authentic life. The retrograde ends conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and this can stir up anything we have hidden deep inside and let it burst out.

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide 2022.